Rental Car Rates

Rent or Hire one of our Luxury European Cars

We pride ourselves on our point of difference, affordable high quality European cars for hire / rental.  We welcome your enquiries.

     1-3 days 4-7 days  8-15 days
   Toyota Estima (Petrol) $125/day $112/day  $99/day
  VW Passat  (Diesel)  $125/day  $112/day  $99/day
Mercedes S500L  Mercedes S500L  $160/day  $145/day  $130/day
VW Caravelle  VW Caravelle  $180/day  $160/day  $140/day
Mercedes S280L  Mercedes S280L  $195/day  $175./day  $155/day
BMW 7 Series Mercedes S350L  $300/day  $270/day  $250/day

Rates Extended rentals beyond 28 days by negotiation

Enquire now about your renting/hiring one of our luxury European vehicles ...

Mercedes S280L
Mercedes S500L
BMW 7 Series
BMW 3 Series (Red)
BMW 3 Series (Grey)
VW Caravelle